This project was started in the aftermath of #metoo, and #timesup. Every comic has a bad night of comedy. But what if that was worse? What if it was followed by a sexual assault? I had known sexism, ageism but never an assault. My life in comedy was always with a band of brothers and sisters who had each others' backs.  I never feared that my brothers and sisters wouldn't help me. Sadly, this is reality for some. 

- Kim Huapaya, comic and producer


Be a part of a TV taping, donate to charity, and win a dinner for two at a fancy schmancy restaurant.


Bring Fresh Undies!


Bring a fresh new pack of ladies underwear to the show to receive a raffle ticket. At the end of the night, a ticket will be drawn. The winner will win a dinner for two!


We will be having audience interviews before and after the show. Be a part of the change.  A little shy? Just grab your seat and enjoy the show!